Silverlake Vineyard


Silverlake Vineyard

 In 2002 the popular Thai actress Supansa Nuangpirom defied the advice of friends and family and started a vineyard in the beautiful hills just north of east of Bangsaray.
Today, the vineyard has been expanded to include a flower park, and is welcoming hundred of visitors a day and thousands in the weekends.  The visitors come to enjoy the scenery and to taste the delicious 100% pure grape juice as well as the home-made snacks and cookies. Experts have nothing but praise for the level of quality.

The visitors walk through the flower garden or along the banks of beautiful Silverlake - and pick a few grapes from the vines when nobody is looking… The temptation is understandable when you consider that for most Thais who visit Silverlake it is the first time they ever saw grapevines.
The park also offers visitors the option of taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, to explore the area with a Quad, or to take a ride in a paddle boat on the lake.
Moreover, you can even view the area from a high vantage point - from the back of an elephant, or even higher, from an ultralight......!! Note that all these rides are optional, not mandatory.

On the other side of the road you will find a recently opened restaurant which will remind you of a Spanish hacienda. You can look inside through the large windows. Beautiful decoration, staff dressed neatly in uniforms, white tablecloths, real napkins and multiple wine glasses on all tables……… or you could proceed to the pizzeria next door. Which surprisingly has an original wood-burning oven…! However, it could use a bit of an Italian touch, Italian music and…. Lambrusco. But the pizza, while not really Italian except the price, is tasty enough, and the view of the flower garden, the vineyards, and Silverlake is fabulous.

Not far away, between Silverlake and the Big Buddha, they recently built a small Karen village where several Padong Karen, or “long necks”, found a home.  Karen villages are mostly found deep in the mountainous region north of Chang Mai, Mae Hong Son and in Burma (Myanmar). The long-neck women stretch the neck from childhood using brass rings to satisfy their ideal of beauty. The existence of this tradition is rather difficult to comprehend, but to “export” this phenomenon to touristic areas for reasons of profit is probably even more difficult to comprehend.

But if you find it interesting to see and if there is no time to go all the way to Mae Hong Son, this is you chance!