Fish, Birds and Dogs


The Pond

Lilawadee would not be complete without a small pond. What is more beautiful in the morning than to be greeted by fish enjoying swimming below a rushing waterfall.

The Aviary

The Gouldamadine in our aviary originates in Australia, where they are rare now because in the 1950s they were caught and shipped to Europe and North America in large numbers.

Promiscuïteit........ Promiscue.......wat?

Promiscuïteit dus. Een promiscue seksleven (van het Latijn promiscuus = dooreen gemengd, gemeenschappelijk) houdt in dat men verschillende, wisselende, seksuele contacten onderhoudt. Traditioneel bestaat in de meeste maatschappijen op dergelijk gedrag een taboe, zeker daar waar het vrouwen betreft maar onze Gouldsamadinedames hebben hier geen enkele boodschap aan.

Birds in and around Lilawadee

Slowly but surely the free living birds are starting to feel at home in and around Lilawadee. Of course hardly ever a camera at hand if you stumble over them….

De Shih-Tzu

The name means literally "Lion Dog", and it is a recognized breed. As early as the seventh century Suzy or Snoopy-like dogs inhabited the monasteries of Tibet. The monks liked the dogs because they looked like lions. Even the Buddha is said to have had a lion-like dog.