Daytrip to Chantaburi

We were actually planning to visit the Philio waterfall, but when we passed by beautiful orchards between Rayong and Klaeng we decided to follow the coastal road as far as possible. Along idyllic beaches interspersed with mangrove forests and numerous shrimp farms we drove to a resort owned by a famous Thai actress. The resort, located directly on the shore, is very appealing. We were kindly shown around the garden and looked at some of the bungalows. The bungalows are small and, while nicely decorated, a bit overpriced at 8500 baht per night. We have (for now) rejected the obvious thought to increase our own prices.  But there is a terrific garden, a swimming pool and a small restaurant near the water, and all of this surrounded by various exotic trees with fruit we'd never seen before.

warn against swimming from May to September due to high waves and dangerous currents.  The sign is only in Thai; foreigners are supposedly able to swim well enough. A sea cow probably won't have problems with the currents.  On the road to Laem Sing there is an image of a sea cow, placed on an immovable socket in the center of a roundabout. The sea cow, named “Dudong” in Thai, is a friendly sort of animal. They graze contentedly on underwater pastures and they are lucky; humans do not like their meat.  Especially in Thailand that is a prerequisite to make survival a bit more certain. But just a little…. Because they have a weak heart; startle them and they can get a heart attack. The noise of motor boats, jet skis and other disturbance has scared many sea cows to death.  Yes, Thailand continues to amaze. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a horde of monkeys appears on the road.  And a rabbit... yes indeed, a rabbit!!!! Agreed, some pictures you shoot here could also have been shot on the peat fields in Holland.  But beautiful nevertheless!!!

The Oasis Sea World Dolphinarium is near Leam Sing, about 25 km from Chantaburi. There are two types of dolphins kept and bred here - the well-known bottlenose dolphin and the gray dolphin.  The latter does not have the typical pointed dolphin nose but a blunt round head.  Different but nice to see.  You can get very close to the animals here, which is rare.  After a visit to the dolphin show you can join them in the water.  Swimming with dolphins - that is something you never forget.  The keepers, who let the animal perform various tricks, are also handling the breeding program and the release into the wild.

We were, unfortunately, too late for a visit to the waterfall.  For a short visit we did pay a much reduced price - 20 baht. The normal price for Thais is 40 baht, for foreign visitor no less than 200 baht!!! The waterfall, which has a small temple from the 19th century, is located in a wooded area in the Namtok Phlio National Park. The park covers 134 square kilometers and has been a protected area since 1974. The highest peaks in the mountain range are about 620 meters. You can swim in mountain creeks which are fed by the waterfall.  However, the creeks have carp-like fish which cannot be fished and are present in large numbers.  It's a special experience when the fish carefully nibble on your skin in search of something edible.  At the entrance to the park you can buy food to feed the fish.  There is also a restaurant, a kiosk, a beautiful picnic area and …. clean toilets.