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There's (almost) nothing that's not there.

Before sunrise already merchants start filling the gigantic terrain opposite the Northern Bus Terminal with over 6000 market stalls which results in a fascinating treasure of all conceivable merchandise. Meters long stalls with “top brand” jeans for prices you can’t imagine,  children’s clothes,  bra’s in every size, color and shape and T-shirts with all possible and impossible prints and patterns. But also shoes and boots in any shape, material and size you can think of in enormous quantities waiting for new owners.

The market is pretty well organized, the different lines of merchandise placed together which makes the search for a specific article easy. Next to the typical Thai furniture you’ll find the home decorations and accessories. In the "jewels and antique" section you will have to be careful. You cannot expect a live long guarantee on a “golden” watch for a few hundred bath, even if it looks very good. May be easier to judge are the items on the “art” section where you might run into quite nice paintings and other art objects. Nice to watch the artists at work although they seem to drink a lot of tea together or just hang around, waiting for customers.

A little bit of vegetables and fruits is offered but it looks like this is only for immediate consumption.  The big fruit and vegetable market was taken out of the weekend market and it takes place on every Wednesday now.  Then you also can buy animals, plants and flowers with a choice out of hundreds of  different kinds of orchids or (what can you do) take pictures of them.

For a somewhat peaceful stroll you should arrive around nine o'clock because the market won’t be too busy in the morning.  After noon it’s probably very crowded and then the professional pickpockets become active. So don’t take your valuables or stow them away safely. 

In the middle of the market you’ll find nice restaurants, some with remarkable clean washrooms and well functioning ATM’s. Approximately 200,000 visitors come to the market in the weekend daily, so this market should be on your visit schedule.