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Our bistro is a great meeting place. You can enjoy a continental breakfast with coffee, toast and jam or, if you prefer, something more elaborate. We also serve small "in between" snacks. Would you like a cup of soup? Or rather something more substantial. Ask Wantana and she'll fulfill (almost) all your wishes. Note that she often bakes a cake to go with your coffee. She can also serve you a true delight: apply pie with ice cream and whipped cream.

Near the resort you will find many small and inexpensive Thai restaurants, where you can have a delicious meal for under 100 baht. A more upscale seafood restaurant at the beach, right in front of the temple, is one of the best in town. Only 15 km away is Pattaya, one of the most popular destinations in Thailand where you can party and "let it all hang out" 24 hours a day. For a small fee we show you around town or any of the other "must see" sight in the area.