• Description

Commonly known as „Wat Yan“, this is a Buddhist temple complex in idyllic surroundings just ten minutes from Bangsaray.

Countless unique buildings, categorized in different areas, give an impression of the historical development and the daily life of monks.

At the periphery of the extensive complex is a beautiful carp pond with lush tropical vegetation, where monks in colorful robes feed fish, mediate or simply enjoy the silence.  You often see entire school classes on visits… during which the peace and quiet is interrupted for a while.

A small temple on top of the mountain is worth a visit, if only for the breathtaking view it offers of the surrounding areas. It is, however, a climb of 225 steps up… and down again.  Not recommended for visitors with weak knees.

On the banks of the large lake are pavilions in various architectural styles which are worth a closer look.  There are beautiful views on the enormous rock formation, including the rock with the Big Buddha. Some of the pavilions are, unfortunately, not in the best condition; they have seen better days and clearly could use some renovation.

At the other side of the lake, near the helipad of the Royal Family, is the fabulous Chinese palace named Viharnra Sien. It is no longer used as a palace but now serves as a museum. On view are many religious sculptures and other cultural artifact from Thailand as well as from China, including tomb figures from the Terracotta army in Xi´an.

A small fee is charged to enter the palace (somewhat higher for foreign visitors) but for those interested in the region's cultural heritage it's a small price to pay.