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Pattaya Park, between Pattaya and Jomtien, has water as it main attraction. There are several giant water slides and a huge swimming pool. Large volumes of water in the slides create high speeds which lead to a spectacular landing in the swimming pool. The park is directly adjacent to the sea and hence a dive in the ocean or a ride on a jet ski is no problem. Moreover, there is a lot of natural beauty to enjoy.

At the edge of Pattaya Park is the 240 meter high Pattaya Park Tower. It is no architectural masterpiece but a clearly recognizable landmark from miles away. For a few baht (a bit more if you are a foreigner) you can take a ride from the beach with a very unusual cable car - in a cabin that resembles an oversized keg - to the sun deck on the tower. On the way up you can enjoy a beautiful view and you have lots of time to shoot picture, including and especially of the water park below.

There is no better way to see Pattaya; the view from 180 meters high takes your breath away. With clear sky, which is nearly always the case in Pattaya, you can see as far as Naklua, the center of Pattaya, South Pattaya, and even the large hotels in Baan Amphur. Fascinating too is the view over the ocean with the fast speed boats, banana boats and the islands off the coast - including Koh Larn. Before you go down again you can take in the view from the restaurant, which revolves around its axis about once every hour. The view in the evening is equally spectacular. In the restaurant your taste buds will be competing with the visual impulses.

The tower acts like a magnet on the tourists, many of who come from neighboring countries. As an outsider it's hard to tell where they are from, but all of them have something in common: they giggle incessantly and pose for cameras of all sizes, types and price ranges. And there is an endless sequence of interesting subjects to photograph. They clearly enjoy something exiting because most do not take the elevator, which is the conventional and safest way to get back down. They even ignore the gondola of the cable car. No, the "Leap from the Tower" is their favorite descend. They are tied into a harness, suspended from a diagonal steel wire 170 meters high, and leap into an endless depth and, after gliding down, they arrive on the ground where park employees release them from the harness, after which everybody enjoys the emotional release of the spectacular descend. As far as we known there have been no accidents but in view of the rather basic state of the entire system, the lack of any safety rules, and the expected self-reliance, we thought it wise not to tempt faith and we took the elevator down. But to be honest, the self-reliance and faith did not play a role; we simply scared…. Yes, we are truly courageous.