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At Naklua Bay on the northern edge of Pattaya is a building made solely of teakwood, decorated with thousands of figures (angels, animals, demons, gods, etc.) that will probably remain a construction site forever. Artisans have been working on the 100 meter long and 105 meter high monument for the past twenty years and they will continue to do so. All sculptures and wood carvings must constantly be restored because the weather gradually destroys this beautiful teakwood. However, the weathering in the various stages does create interesting effects on this great work of art.

The guides, proper and friendly, are able to provide lots of information about the sculptures and they patiently and competently answer all the questions about the complex.  For most visitors the explanations are clear enough but whether the deeper meaning of the following quote about this complex building is clear to them…?

"A monument that depicts Oriental mythology as a link between human life and the cosmos."
“The idea of the designer was intended to show the impermanence of matter and that civilization is only possible through religion and philosophy."
“The Sanctuary is a tribute to religion and philosophy from the past, the present and the future."

For those interested to learn more about this temple, additional information is available at www.sanctuaryoftruth.com.

We would like to visit this Sanctuary of Truth more often to admire the wood workers during their work and enjoy the excellent and reasonably priced food, if it weren't for the entrance fee of 500 baht, which is for Thais and even the foreign tourists excessively high. So we ignored the (sometimes intrusive) offers for rides in a carriage, the banana for the elephants, the rental of quads and similar offers.

And people have to make up their own mind about all the tropical hardwood, which is harvested in countries like Laos and Burma without much concern for the ecological consequences.