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Our resort was opened on a traditional Thai way.

The inaugural. It took nine monks for the ceremony.

Our resort was build quite orderly and to our satisfaction by a Thai company. The appointments were kept and the completion earlier than expected in spite of the weather that slowed things down every now and than. The supervision was in (Dirk’s) German hands which must have been a contribution to a positive development. Agreed, it would have been impossible without him, Dirk, thanks a lot once more!!

The awesome method of building however, does not guarantee a happy stay for the guests. The property had to be inaugurated in accordance with old Thai customs by Buddhist monks whereby a celebration could not play a subordinate role. Family and friends, invited and uninvited guests were treated to a rich variety of drinks and luxurious food supplied by a restaurant in the neighborhood. Apparently nobody cared about the poor pig that sacrificed its life, judging from the cleanly picked bones left behind after the party. Not cheap at all, but you have to invest before the cash register sings, don’t you. That the proprietor of the restaurant walked around with a brand-new, expensive golden chain the next day must have been a coincidence for sure. It would be foolish to think otherwise.

Also the monks, nine of them, were needed because it is supposed to bring good fortune, had no problems with the presented food. Drinks and food was given by the new proprietors with both hands to the head monk who passed it on to other monks. But first of all there was a prayer. The monotonous prayer of the monks lasts over half an hour whereby the new house inhabitants, their close relatives and friends are positioned facing the monks in a cross-legged position. For the Thai probably a common situation but for the untrained Farang a torment after a few minutes. Legs falling asleep seemed a small discomfort compared with the cramps that sneaked in after a while. It became unbearable when presents had to be offered while bending the torso forward so the forehead could touch the ground. There we sensed muscles and bones we didn’t even assume they existed. After a whole series of prayers and sayings, incomprehensible for those who are not initiated, comes the redemption. The hands of the new inhabitant couple are put on a pillow and are bound together with a string and after a few blessings ........ the praying starts again !!

Thank God, no, Buddha, the ceremony had an end too after the head monk had sprayed an abundant amount of holy water on those present. Also the building, the presents and even the computer and fax were not forgotten.

Remained is a previously fragrant, now dried-out bunch of flowers at the rear-view mirror of the car that was used to drive the monks back to the temple. That was not put in the vehicle to spread a nice smelling scent; ……it asks the spirits of the automobile to assure a safe journey…….!