• Description

Check-Inn      14.00 hour
Check-Out     11.00 hour

The bungalows have a living room, bedroom, bathroom and small patio facing the pool. They are furnished for two adults. The living room can be rearranged to accommodate two children up to age 16.

Based on occupancy of two, the rate is 1500 Thb/day.  An extra 100 baht is charged per child per night.

Firm reservations require prepayment or a deposit. You will be sent a receipt after payment.  Your prepayment will be refunded if you cancel the reservation up to one week in advance. We cannot refund prepayment or deposits for rooms cancelled less than 7 days in advance. In case of a “No show” the reservation will be cancelled after the first night.

In submitting this reservation form, you acknowledge having read and accepted the cancellation and payment terms.

Bank account Wantana Krikke

Account No. 624-2-02375-9
Booking Bungalow Lilawadeeresort.
P.S. Parking is no problem but we don’t have a closed parking lot.