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also referred to as the crocodile farm, is situated on the outskirts of Pattaya, about 7 km from the city center. It is a beautifully landscaped park with various trees, small bonsai, some of them award winners and very expensive, trees pruned in a specific way to give them a certain shape, and giants of trees reaching in the sky and over 200 years old, brought in from all corners of Thailand.

On the road to the park, lined with flowering plants and shrubs, suddenly a situation resembling a struggle of life and death. A pond with hundreds of huge catfish who look like they had nothing to eat for weeks. You can stop the apparently agonizing hunger of these animals for a few baht by buying bag of fish food. The first effect of the crumbs in the water is overwhelming. They throw themselves at the food like a massive tsunami. A somewhat ambiguous sight, both for young and old.

The zoo is inhabited by buffalo and other ungulates, there are predators displays with lions, tigers and bears, monkeys and of course a few elephants in special shelters for animal lovers.

There are huge stone sculptures curiously shaped by nature and brought here from various parts of Thailand. Whether they really are a million years old … who knows? But most look as if they are very old. Many visitors think they recognize animal shapes in the stones - elephants, seahorses, or even in monkeys. Well, with a little imagination and wishful thinking ...?

Very impressive are the ancient carriages and carts throughout the park; they are real highlights.

At the top of the hill is an artificial pond fed by a natural waterfall along which several sculptures. The countless koi carp shining in the sun always seem to be hungry, much to the delight of people selling food for the fish. A beautiful rainbow appears in the spray of the fountain.

The crocodile farm, with the largest saltwater crocodiles in Thailand and home of more than 4,000 animals, is for many visitors the real purpose of the park.  

What started as keeping and breeding crocodiles for the production of leather for shoes, bags, belts etc. has become a tourist opportunity. You can walk across the bars of the cage and feed the crocodile with bits of meat sold by the ubiquitous staff. We met little enthusiasm among the reptiles for the snacks. The beasts do not generate a warm feeling and do not really exude a welcoming impression.  

Hence we decide we decide to look for our own meal outside the park and check if it is true that crocodile meat tastes like chicken ....!!  

For a small fee you can "fish" for crocodile with pieces of chicken meat as bait on bamboo sticks. The "catch" from the somewhat smelly pond is nothing more than a spectacular leap and the sound of snapping jaws. The invitation to put your head into the mouth of a crocodile can be politely declined.